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    Messier Project - Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet


    The revolutionary new M11 helmet – envisioned by Mark Messier and engineered by the head protection experts at Cascade Sports – brings together high-performance fit & feel demanded by pros and cutting-edge technology for protection against head injury and concussion.


  • Seven Technology Liner System: Multiple Impact technology that laterally displaces energy absorbed from a direct impact. Performs better than EPP.
  • Mono90 Shell with 20 cooling vents uses the design as a vital stress member upon impact
    ProFit fit system: Dynamic contour system that allows easy, no-tool custom micro adjusts that eliminates pressure points

  • Compatible with leading masks & shields
  • Designed and manufactured in North America
  • HECC and CSA certified

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  • CCM V10 Hockey Helmet


    THE NEW CCM VECTOR HELMET has a remarkable new fit and a brand new look. Developed and designed with the help of some of the best players in the game. This helmet will only be worn by the most deserving players in the NHL, including last year’s phenom and Rookie of the Year, Alexander Ovechkin and the NHL’s Most Valuable Player - Joe Thornton.


  • SHELL Brand NEW ergonomic, aerodynamic shell design
  • EPP Liner for multiple impact protection
  • MEMORY FOAM Heat activated molded memory foam for comfort
  • TOOL-FREE ADJUSTMENT Lift and lock tool-free length adjustment
  • VENTING Extensive venting for maximum air flow

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  • CCM Vector U+ Pro Sr. Ice Hockey Skates

    CCM Vector U+ Pro Sr. Ice Hockey Skates


  • U Foam - Space age foam that becomes your foot’s best friend
  • Rocket Runner - Fast feet from weight reduction where it matters most
  • Lightweight Molded Tongue - Low profile lace bite protection fuses to the foot
  • Lightweight Carbon Composite Outsole - Maximum energy transfer
  • Ultima Dry Liner with Anti-Microbial Treatment - Quick drying moisture wicking liner
  • “Speed you never know you had. Explosive acceleration. Less fatigue. Incredible control. Superior Speed”

    Weight at the extremities is the hardest to move, that is why a lightweight runner makes all the difference in the world
    Biomechanics are simple, the further away the weight that needs to be moved, the harder it is to move that weight. On a hockey skate, the runner is the furthest away from the core muscles of the legs that power your stride.
    Therefore, weight savings in the runner are amplified. At full extension of the skating stride, taking 1 gram out of the runner is equivalent to removing 4 grams from the boot. Those precious grams are needed in the boot to provide support for explosive energy transfer.

  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Fits easily on the CCM E-Blade Pro holder
  • Weight: 75 grams (272mm)
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    Warrior Creeper Sr. Hockey Gloves

    Warrior Creeper Sr. Hockey Gloves


  • The lightest in class at 260g (tufftek version)
  • Tri-Lam internal foams for maximum protection throughout the glove
  • 12 degree grip line and 1/3, 2/3 split finger design gives you the most natural grip on the stick
  • Micro Nash palm & gusset construction that has a supple feel and will dry soft every time

  • (41 votes)
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    Warrior Fubar Pro Series Sr. Hockey Gloves

    Warrior Fubar Pro Series Sr. Hockey Gloves


  • Pro Series Instock Custom Colors
  • Main material is PU Leather
  • Black Goat Skin palms with black Goat Skin overlay
  • Mouthguard holder on inside cuff (single elastic band) as shown in inset
  • Black Nylon Gussets
  • Pro Series screen printed patch on thumb

    (73 votes)
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  • Nike Bauer Supreme One95 Pro Goalie Glove

    Nike Bauer Supreme One95 Pro Goalie Glove

    Designed to meet IIHF goaltender’s equipment size specifications, the Supreme One95 Pro Catch Glove offers deep, rounded pocket for instant comfort and a great feel. The 3-D Split T-Trap Design increases the goaltender’s ability to seal the glove closed with the puck inside, while a molded back thumb gives superior lightweight protection.


  • Balanced design - superior control and feel
  • Open face design
  • Pro specification construction
  • Double break / closure
  • Molded trajectory angled thumb to ease impact
  • Contoured blocking cuff design
  • Innovative contoured shaped T-Trap
  • 3 Strap internal adjustment
  • Lightweight Flexx cuff design
  • 3D Vent Lite Armor foam
  • Dri-FIT inner hand lining wicks moisture away keeping the glove lightweightNike Bauer Supreme One95 Pro Goalie Glove

  • (26 votes)
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    Nike Bauer Supreme One95 Pro Blocker

    Nike Bauer Supreme One95 Pro Blocker
    Designed to meet IIHF goaltender’s equipment size specifications, the Supreme One95 Pro Blocker offers 360° index finger protection, a flat side blocking cuff to increase blocking surface area and keep rebounds predictable, and an articulated top wrist section that allows the goalie to have full control over the blocker by providing an unparalleled range of motion.


  • New slim profile design
  • Internal blocking cuff
  • Flexx cuff wrist design
  • 3D Vent Lite armor foam
  • Integrated Velcro wrist strap
  • Articulating index finger
  • Mesh gussets in palmNike Bauer Supreme One95 Pro Blocker

  • (11 votes)
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    Itech NK20 Nectech Collar

    Itech NK20 Nectech Collar

  • Wicking inner liner with ICEAIR moisture management system
  • Woven aramid fibers provide cut-resistant protection
  • Adjustable closure for optimal fit
  • B.N.Q. Certified

  • (1 votes)
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    Easton Synergy 1500C Ice Hockey Skates

    Easton Synergy 1500C Ice Hockey Skates

  • Improved flexibility and responsiveness
  • 85:15 split-carbon fiber: conventional construction for unmatched sustained performance
  • Improved fit. More open at the top for greater comfort around the ankles
  • Exclusive one-piece composite boot form with coil technology for unmatched energy return
  • Heat moldable for better customization
  • Comfort foam molds to your foot, with or without heat, to improve fit
  • Air foamed latex ankle padding system comfortably secures heel
  • Ideal Fit molded tongue with foam/felt combination for immediate fit and lace protection
  • Bio-Dri Clarino lining locks the foot in place while combining a supple feel and moisture reduction
  • Super tough composite construction provides unmatched impact protection
  • Hydrophobic Shock Doctor footbed features AIR/FX moisture and friction control
  • Razor Bladz II with LPS2 Swedish stainless steel runner

  • (86 votes)
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    Easton Stealth S11 Composite Ice Hockey Skate

    Easton Stealth S11 Composite Ice Hockey Skate

  • ONE PIECE carbon glass fiber boot form with Coil Technology
  • STEALTH® PADLOCK molded anatomical ankle shape eliminates heel slippage
  • NEW MOLDED TONGUE with PE foam and molded foam and integrated lacebite protection
  • BIO-DRI™ grip liner provides comfort and moisture reduction
  • NEW EASTON BIO-DRI™ composite footbed with removable heel lift

  • (96 votes)
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